Commercial Litigation

Our team of experienced litigators is focused on providing tailored, client-centered solutions to complex business disputes. We have the insight and expertise necessary to understand the often far-reaching impacts litigation proceedings can bring about for a company – that’s why we strive for creative alternatives rather than simply jumping into what could be lengthy court battles.

Through experience, we understand timing matters. Taking advantage of our background in trial law as well as former federal prosecutors, we look to offer strong legal advocacy from dispute initiation through resolution with an emphasis on minimizing risk early before matters become further entrenched in evidence collection procedures and parties have dug into their positions.

Our partners offer specialized dispute resolution solutions for some of the largest global companies and their executives and directors through their most difficult commercial business disputes.

Recent Representations

Our approach is tailored to suit our client’s exact needs, whether that means risk mitigation, a cost-effective resolution to a dispute, or when the need arises, an outcome that can only be achieved through litigation. With decades of successful courtroom experience as first-chair trial attorneys and lead negotiators from both federal prosecuting roles and Big Law litigation departments, our attorneys are well-equipped to handle any legal challenge with confidence backed by results.

We are skilled at distilling complex information and clearly communicating the facts that matter to our clients—whether to persuade a judge or jury in court or to convince opposing counsel to settle on our terms. Where other lawyers pound their fists, we make winning arguments. We honed these skills through decades of experience making winning arguments in the courtroom in federal, state, and arbitral proceedings.

With extensive knowledge and expertise in both securities and healthcare litigation, we specialize in representing private litigants in matters involving investments and investment vehicles, including hedge funds and other private pooled money vehicles and shareholder claims. Our team is also prepared to handle any breach of fiduciary duty claims brought against our clients by the SEC, CFTC, and state court-appointed receivers — among other entities within these areas.



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