Internal Investigations

Two of our founding partners, proven federal prosecutors, and government regulators, have represented some of the largest corporations in the world with investigations involving criminal, regulatory, and employment-related inquiries. We are dedicated to providing customized investigation services of the highest caliber on a global scale and specialize in solving complex criminal issues for prominent corporations, delivering cutting-edge tactics when tackling regulatory and employment inquiries.

With a deep understanding of the myriad challenges organizations face in responding to government inquiries, we stand out from other professionals. Our collective knowledge draws from two perspectives – former federal prosecutors and regulators issuing subpoenas as well as counselors who are tasked with providing advice throughout related risk assessments, compliance reviews, investigations, and civil/criminal enforcement matters.

Recent Representations

With years of experience under our belt, we have become the go-to firm for multinational organizations facing governmental inquiries and received exceptional results in helping them navigate the complexities and transnational issues surrounding high-stakes governmental inquiries. Our specialized approach covers myriad topics from bribery, money laundering, securities fraud, FCPA violations, and beyond – allowing us to identify potential risks upfront for our clients operating in multiple countries across Latin America and Brazil.

As these investigations continue with increased scrutiny by federal criminal & regulatory agencies seeking heavy fines/sanctions – it is essential that leading counsel is hired who can anticipate scenarios that will help minimize risk while ensuring compliance standards are met every step of the way.



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