White Collar Criminal Defense

Our team of highly experienced partners offers a specialized service, with extensive knowledge in criminal and regulatory matters. Having served collectively for decades at the Department of Justice in Washington DC, the United States Attorney’s Offices in Miami and New York, as well as the SEC’s Regional office in Miami – we bring an impressive track record to every case; having been involved directly or indirectly in over 100 cases.

We are dedicated to helping our clients ensure they remain compliant across all levels including securities fraud issues, health care fraud, mortgage fraud, accounting fraud, bank fraud, tax fraud, U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practice Act violations, money laundering, environmental crimes, national security, arms export control, and other customs violations, and public corruption, to name a few.

Recent Representations

Our expertise in parallel investigations, encompassing the DOJ, SEC, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, Office of Foreign Asset Control, and other prominent federal entities as well as state criminal and regulatory bodies, gives our clients a dependable ally throughout all stages of an enforcement matter. From responding to subpoenas for documents or testimony at the outset to navigating through Wells processes with confidence up until litigation or appeal if needed – we emphasize client-focused service every step of the way.

Our decades of expertise in criminal and regulatory enforcement matters equip us to intervene swiftly, strategize effectively, and achieve successful outcomes for our clients. Time is often a critical factor – by getting involved as soon as possible we are best placed to succeed on behalf of the client during any stage from pre-indictment through a plea bargain, trial, or appeal.



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