Health Care Litigation

The Health Care Litigation attorneys at Fridman Fels & Soto understand the constantly-evolving nature of the healthcare industry and are equipped to provide custom solutions tailored to unique business needs.

Our team includes seasoned former Department of Justice lawyers who possess vast experience in both healthcare policy and fraud prosecution and have earned recognition from various stakeholders within the industry –including judges, regulators, and legal professionals. This allows us not only a comprehensive grasp on navigating risk mitigation strategies designed around our clients’ operations and goals but also provides effective representation should litigation become unavoidable.

Recent Representations

The healthcare litigation services we provide to clients include:

  • Commercial Disputes between and among providers and healthcare facilities
  • Government Investigations
  • False Claims Act/qui tam litigation
  • Commercial Payor Audits and Disputes
  • Government Payor Audits and Disputes
  • Unfair Competition, Misappropriation of Trade Secrets and Restrictive Covenants



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Adam S. Fels



Alejandro O. Soto