FFS Law Firm team

At Fridman Fels & Soto, PLLC we provide our clients with tailored legal solutions to their most complex problems. Our founding partners are former federal prosecutors and boast a collective 60 years of expertise in criminal and commercial law across state and federal courts alike. We prioritize top-tier client service at every turn—distinguishing ourselves from notoriously leveraged firms—for results that exceed expectations each time.

Our team of Miami-based attorneys has extensive courtroom experience in high-stakes and sensitive cases. Collectively, we have conducted and supervised more than one hundred criminal and civil trials involving some of the highest-profile and most sensitive matters prosecuted by the United States government.

We leverage this significant experience in the courtroom to achieve success for our clients outside of it—before the case gets charged, during litigation, and settlement. Our focus is to provide tailored solutions with aggressive advocacy, smart problem-solving, and practices that are always rooted in the best interest of our clients – from pre-charge to post-litigation settlement.

The experienced professionals at Fridman Fels & Soto, PLLC provide counseling to clients facing complex business litigation disputes and government inquiries. We specialize in a wide range of matters, from securities and accounting frauds to money laundering violations, FCPA offenses, public corruption cases, and more– all with the aim of helping our clients find effective solutions during these challenging times.

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